Scrap Metal

As scrap metal recyclers we accept a wide range of ferrous and non ferrous metals.

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As scrap metal recyclers Kilcock Car Dismantlers also purchase ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

Who do we buy from?

The simple answer is anyone. This ranges from the general public to local businesses and manufacturers. From construction and demolition companies to local authorities and other scrap metal merchants. We take any volume large or small.

What do we buy?

If it’s metal we take it! We take in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous Metal: This mainly consists of iron and can consist of the following –

Demolition scrap metal

Farmyard scrap metal

Old building material such as scaffolding and rebar

Old radiators

Old ranges and boilers

Any metal a magnet will stick to!

Non – Ferrous Metal: This is metal that doesn’t contain any iron and includes of the following –




Stainless Steel


Any metal a magnet won’t stick to!