Why Scrap your vehicle with Kilcock Car Dismantlers?

Economically & Environmentally Beneficial

  • Get paid for your vehicle.
  • Ensures your vehicle is recycled responsibly and in accordance with ELV directive
  • Certificate of Destruction issued, ensuring your vehicle is de-registered with the National Vehicle Driver File (NVDF)
  • Supports a truly “Green” environment



  • Cut out the middle man and simply bring your vehicle to us where it is weighed and the scrap value is determined.
  • Receive your payment and Certificate of Destruction.
  • Alternatively collection can be arranged. Call us on 01 6289160 or 01 6285671 to discuss collection. Please note, a collection charge may apply.
  • Peace of mind your vehicle has been disposed of in the correct manner.

What happens to your car when it is scrapped?

The first step involves a certificate of destruction being issued on your vehicle. This certificate confirms the deregistration process thus meaning the vehicle is no longer the responsibility of the registered owner.
The next step is called the ‘de-pollution’ process. This consists of the removal of all hazardous fluids such as oil, fuel, brake fluid and coolant. These fluids are then separated and sent to other specialist facilities for optimal recycling.
The final part of the de-pollution process involves the removal of all other hazardous materials such as tires, batteries and gasses which are then further recycled by specialist authorised facilities.
Once all hazardous material is removed the remainder of the vehicle is then sent to the baler where it is crushed. It is then ready to be sent for further recycling where it is shredded allowing the recovered material to be used to make new materials.